August 20, 2019

Our client Fun Academy Oy takes the next step to bring early childhood education to Vietnam. On August 16, 2019 the company signed a cooperation agreement with Tan Thoi Dai Education JSC (TTD) on extending Finnish early childhood education methods to Vietnam. Finnish early childhood education methods will be implemented into the entire pre-schoold curriculum in the education system of TTD. In addition, Fun Academy school will be established by applying Finnish standards in Hanoi in the school year 2020-2021. The same will be expanded to other cities and provinces in the following years.

“In Finland, all teachers have a master’s degree when they go to classroom. They are very competent and they know very well what to do in the class. So, if we see that children are playing in class, they are actually learning. The games are planned and guided by teachers. We can all see that this is the best way to learn. We can do things more effectively when we enjoy what we are doing. We really enjoy our activities, which is the most efficient way to learn. This is also why our company name and method name have the word “fun”.” says one of the founders of Fun Academy Oy, Mr. Peter Vesterbacka (source: Quan Doi Nhan Dan News online August 16, 2019).

Asia-Finland Law Consulting Oy congratulates Fun Academy Oy on this meaningful achievement and wishes good luck for the future in Vietnam. The photos are taken in the cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Hanoi on August 16, 2019. In the signing ceremony, Asia-Finland Law Consulting Oy was represented by Ms. Tracy Nguyen, the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi by Mr. Janne Oksanen and TTD by Ms. Pham Thi Lam.

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