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About AFL

Asia-Finland Law Consulting has operated since 2007. We have built a strong consulting team with not only a solid legal background, but also a business mindset and understanding business cultures in  Finland and Vietnam. That makes our clients successful.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Legal services related to Vietnamese market
  • Immigration law services in Finland
  • Business matchmaking related to trade and investments between Southeast Asia and Finland
  • Recruiting & relocating service for foreign specialists moving to Finland

AFL is a full member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA).


Our Services

Legal Services

Do you need a contract with the Vietnamese partner? Do you need to check the background of your partner in Vietnam? We assist you in all legal matters related to Vietnam market.

We assist in:
– Legal market entry studies
– Company formation
– Background checks
– Contract drafting and reviewing
– Tax advising
– Documents and advice regarding property purchase in Vietnam
– Employment law matters
– Drafting legal opinions on various matters related to Vietnamese legislation

Market Entry Services

Do you want to bring your high-quality and innovative products or services to South East Asia including Vietnam? Introduce your products or services to us. We analyse the market potential of your products and services in South East Asian market based on our experience and market mindset as well as our deep  understanding of business culture.

We assist in:
– Market entry strategies
– Searching for local partners
– Guidance of using suitable public funding for your overseas business plan

Relocation Services

Are you looking for a clean and safe environment with high social security benefits and free education for your children? If you are a specialist in your field with a university degree, welcome to Finland, the happiest country in the world.

We assist in:
– Finding job opportunities for specialists
– Reviewing and drafting employment agreements
– Residence/work permits (and extensions) for the whole family
– Finding accommodation
– Finding schools and day-care places for children
– Social security registration
– Bank matters
– Finding language courses
– Daily-life routines in the beginning


Are you planning to file an application for a residence permit in Finland? Has your residence permit application been rejected by the immigration office? We assist applicants in preparing the applications for residence permit to avoid rejection. We assist rejected applicants in court appeals.

We assist in:
– Preparing residence permit applications to include all information as expected by TE office, ELY centre and immigration office
– Preparing a good business plan for an application of residence permit on the ground of entrepreneurship
– Preparing answers to requests for additional information given by the authorities
– Appealing against the rejection decision issued by the immigration office

What We Do and Don't Do

1. We bring long-term business cooperation to Finnish companies entering South East Asian market, especially Vietnam, with clear strategy and trustable support from government authority and local partners.

We don’t:
– Conduct general market survey’s or researches
– Prepare useless reports
– Act as salespersons or distributors

2. We Assist Finnish organizations in contracts, legal due diligence studies and other legal matters in Vietnam in Finnish, English and Vietnamese languages.

We don’t offer any IPR related services.

3. We support Asian specialists and talents with university degrees to move to Finland.

We don’t offer mass recruiting service. We choose clients case by case, ONLY SPECIALISTS.

Contact us

If you are a talent and interested in work opportunities and relocation with your family to Finland, please contact us to learn more about balanced life and working opportunities in Finland.

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If you are a company looking for Asian spesialist to work (and invest) in your company. 

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If you are interested in business expansion into the South East Asian market, you can contact us on the potential of your products and services in the target market. Please send us a message below.

We only do success cases. Do you want to be one of them?


    Words From Clients

    • It has been a privilege to work with Asia-Finland Law Consulting Oy in our market entry to Vietnam.

      The support from them has turned out to be extremely important in this process. They have assisted us in searching for local partners in Vietnam and building relationships with relevant fire safety authorities in Vietnam – especially the police ministry.

      In addition to that, their lawyers have assisted us in various legal matters related to Vietnam such as contracts, background check etc. and recruiting a talented engineer from Vietnam to work for us in Finland. Mrs. Tracy Nguyen has played a key role in market entry to Vietnam; her culture-sensitive and smart communication has brought us to a developed business stage in much shorter time than we were expecting. Her understanding about marketing and business in general and especially in Vietnam combined with understanding of business cultures and differences in Vietnam and Finland has turned out to be extremely valuable. She is also capable of finding flexible solutions in many challenging situations that has enabled us to ”keep the face” but still at same time to work in accordance with Finnish business standards.

      And very importantly, her network in Vietnam is wide which certainly has opened many doors to our company.

      Juha Kauriala
      Vice President, Palotekninen insinööritoimisto Markku Kauriala Oy
    • Surely we will worry a lot when we decide to live in a place where almost everything is strange to us, about people, culture, language, weather, food … but for my family, my worries quickly passed because there was enthusiastic support from Asia-Finland Law Consulting Ltd. company. And now after more than a year my family is almost in harmony with new life and is enjoying the best from this beautiful country.

      Thanks for everything you did for my family.


    • We feel very grateful to Asia-Finland Law Consulting Oy for helping us connect to Finnish companies like Fun Academy, Kide Science, Moovkids, and MK to bring the best education and values to Vietnamese students. It is not just an ordinary job, it is actually a great connection between the two countries. We believe that the relationship between Tan Thoi Dai and these Finish partners will be sustainable and long-term cooperation. Thank you for the great things that Asia-Finland Law Consulting Oy has brought to us

      Ms. Pham Thi Lam
      CEO, TTD Education Viet Nam