BUSINESS We provide legal and matchmaking services related to trade, investments and employment between Vietnam and Finland. Contact Now  RELOCATION Our team consists of two experienced experts: Vietnamese market entry consultant and Re-location to Finland Contact Now 


Asia-Finland Law Consulting Ltd. provide legal and matchmaking services related to trade, investments and employment between Vietnam and Finland.

We have operated since 2007. Our team consists of two experienced experts: Vietnamese market entry consultant and Relocation to Finland

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We will always employ the industry’s finest in delivering our relocation solutions.  And, we think that means some of the industry’s most experienced.  If someone has seen what works and what doesn’t, they have the experience to be creative in crafting new and innovative solutions to issues that arise.  We rely both internally and through our vendor network on a tremendous history of relocation experience.  We always say, it is better to have one incredible employee who can move mountains than two or more who can’t.

Business Consulting

We provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in multi field.

Consultant Service

Every business should conduct a legal market entry study alongside with all other preparatory work since there are legal issues which need to be taken into account when entering Asia market such as company formation, investment license, import & export licenses, taxation, auditing and accounting, labour issues etc.


We are not selling a house, we are selling a home where children grew up; we are helping a family start the next chapter of their lives in an unfamiliar destination.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

We are company comprised of dedicated, caring, focused individuals with families who understand the stress and strain that a relocation puts on everyone and work to minimize the effects on the employee, their family and their employer.  What makes a successful relocation is not just the reporting systems and fancy mobile applications. 

Our success as a relocation management company depends on the delivery of consistent, exceptional service with a demonstrable ROI.  Our client retention and client satisfaction speaks volumes about our service quality.  We successfully handle what can be a daunting and complicated business endeavor where a failure can be expensive to your bottom line.  We stand behind our proven quality of service.

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We are experienced in helping families overcome the stress and anxiety of a corporate move.


    Words From Clients

    • Finally, our small family moved to Finland, our life has changed. The team supported us from the first steps to until now, they take care of everything, from paper work to setup new house, children’s schools, public transport, social papers, etc. Asia Finland is the best service I recommend

      IT manager
    • Our company needs legal services for global brand protection and in development of contracts. We needed partner who has high ability to learn and map our needs fast with capacity to develop comprehensive understanding from our sector of business. Jani gives us this. He provided and continues to provide us above services always keeping agreed time frames and targets. These attributes and his understanding especially on global brand protection, knowledge about Asia together with his wide global network makes him person who can be highly recommended to any company

      Kari Pekka Murtonen
    • Jani is an excellent lawyer to cooperate with and I highly recommend him. He always gives short but clear instructions to avoid backs and forths. He is very hardworking and willing to try hard to find solutions to achieve the case and protect the client’s best interests. Being a careful and reliable lawyer, he is also prompt in responding queries and cooperative to solve problems.

      Wen Peng
      Trademark Attorney
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