Asia-Finland Law Consulting Ltd. and Asia-Europe Business Consulting Ltd. provide legal and matchmaking services related to trade and investments between Vietnam and Finland. We have operated since 2007 and are the only law firm specialized in Vietnamese and Finnish law. Our team consists of four experienced experts: a Finnish business lawyer with experience in Vietnam, a Vietnamese qualified lawyer, a Vietnamese tax adviser and a Vietnamese market entry consultant.

We are a trustful partner for your firm with our top-level government networking and vast contacts to business and trade circles in Vietnam. When doing business in Vietnam, it is important to make sure that all relevant legal matters have been taken into account in advance in order to avoid unexpected problems at later stage. Since company establishment and obtaining a business license in Vietnam is not as straightforward and simple process as in Finland, it is important to choose experienced and trustful legal counsel to bring the establishment process through in order to avoid unnecessarily pending license applications later and postponing the start of business.

When entering Vietnam, every business should conduct a legal market entry study alongside with all other preparatory work since there are legal issues which need to be taken  into account when entering Vietnam market such as company formation, investment license, import & export licenses, taxation, auditing and accounting, labour issues etc. Expenses of conducting such study and other legal services can be covered by public funding such as liikekumppanuustuki from Finnpartnership or kehittämisavustus from ELY-keskus. The Public Sector Invetment Facility (PIF) for developing countries can be applied for investment projects, which are based on Vietnam's national development needs. Business Finland (former Tekes) has several funding instruments for Finnish start ups, SMEs and large companies aiming at Vietnam market.

Another important issue is to make sure that contracts entered into in Vietnam comply with Vietnamese laws in order to avoid void contract terms. In addition, all contracts with local firms should be drafted in English and Vietnamese since the mutual understanding of agreed terms is the main task of written contract to minimize the risk of disagreements and conflicts after starting the business.

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