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Asia Finland Law Consulting Ltd.


We provide legal and matchmaking services related to trade and investments between Asia and Finland. We provide recruitment and relocation services for Asian talents wanting to move to Finland.  

We have operated since 2007. Our team consists of two experienced lawyers, one market entry strategist and recruiter and one tax advisor.  

AFLAC located in Espoo, Finland

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When entering Vietnam, every business should conduct a legal market entry study alongside with all other preparatory work since there are legal issues which need to be taken into account when entering Vietnam market such as company formation, investment license, import & export licenses, taxation, auditing and accounting, labour issues etc. Expenses of conducting such study and other legal services can be covered by public funding. Another important issue is to make sure that contracts entered into in Vietnam comply with Vietnamese laws in order to avoid void contract terms. In addition, all contracts with local firms should be drafted in English and Vietnamese since the mutual understanding of agreed terms is the main task of written contract to minimize the risk of disagreements and conflicts after starting the business.

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